October 25, 2017

In 2017, 25 of October Dimeq signed an LOI with PGS. Stating and publicly showing their interest for our system. We are under development and making ready our physical testing in Måloy, Norway, around end of May, start of June 2018. Representatives of PGS will join our testing to verify the system is as promised. We can only give a hint of news today, but we are already exciding our own expectations.

November 9, 2017

Dimeq signed an agreement with Symbit and Shipadmin for software development and cooperation on the Eye-D system.

Our partnership is working tremendously well, and we see forward to continue our work together in many projects and solutions to come.

February 2018

Our first version of our MVP is getting ready for testing. The hardware final version for PoC, will be delivered in April 2018 to be Tested prior to final installation and test in Måløy. Future Processing Instruments has overdelivered in every step of the way, taking each problem along the way with attitude to solve them and improve them.

ONS 2018, on August 27-30th

We have been invited to participate on the ONS 2018 in Stavanger, Norway. We invite you all to come by and see firsthand our product.

Nordic Semiconductor

Nordic Semiconductor is supported our project since day one by giving us the hardware we needed fast and reliable, providing us with their latest state of the art, Bluetooth 5 chips. They are following the development and keeping us up to date with chip releases and specifications that may impact our development.

We will be using the latest BLE 5 on all our EyeD devices as a standard hardware for its characteristic and performance.

Innovation Norway

Innovation Norway has supported us all the way from the beginning with their financial support, their mentors and experts to advice, support and lead us to our success. IN is still behind our project and strongly supporting us financially.


Symbit is the digital division of Shipadmin AS, specializing in delivering digital solutions and custom software. They are a team that have developed software, integrations, apps, consultancy and more since 2007 for different Clients.