Petroleum Geo-Services

PGS has been supporting our idea since the beginning of the company, and has also been an important part of our support throughout the financial stages, and now with an LOI signed by the VP Marine, gives us the necessary confidence that our product will be one day on their fleet of 15 seismic vessels, and become a main component on Maritime HSE as a Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).


Symbit is the digital division of Shipadmin AS, specializing in delivering digital solutions and custom software. They are a consultancy team that develop software systems, integrations, apps, animations, homepages and more for a variety of different Clients.

Symbit will be developing the Software for our system and the necessary support and maintenance during the building process.

Symbit will also work on making the system easy to integrate with 3. party software solutions.

FP Instruments

FP Instrument is a Poland based company with an incredible background and huge list of happy clients with their hardware developments. They are involved in the European space program where they got assigned the hardware for the new satellite.

They have been very interested and involved since the beginning of the development, and they agreed that they will still be a strong part of the hardware development, support and installation here in Norway of our system.

They are an important factor of knowledge, development and R&D of our hardware, and we expect our partnership grow as our products grow.


Aksello is a very important part of our strategy going forward. With their knowledge, experience and individual expertise on the sector, is helping us to achieve our goals, faster, better and without a doubt successfully.

Nordic Semiconductor

Nordic Semiconductor is supported our project since day one by giving us the hardware we needed fast and reliable, providing us with their latest state of the art, Bluetooth 5 chips. They are following the development and keeping us up to date with chip releases and specifications that may impact our development.

We will be using the latest BLE 5 on all our EyeD devices as a standard hardware for its characteristic and performance.

Innovation Norway

Innovation Norway has supported us all the way from the beginning with their financial support, their mentors and experts to advice, support and lead us to our success. IN is still behind our project and strongly supporting us financially.


Shipadmin AS is a Norwegian ICT company specializing in administrative solutions for vessels and rigs since 2007.

Shipadmin has a wide range of products targeting the maritime industry, including hardware solutions to track persons during emergencies, POB control, electronic door lock systems, access control systems and much more.

Shipadmin brings a vast amount of experienced people and understanding of the industry we are trying to reach.

We are glad to announce our cooperation in this project.