Our customized products can continuously monitor each individual, from embarkation to disembarking. With help of new technologies, the health and safety of every offshore worker, including passenger on cruise ships, and private yacht is significantly improved.

We have covered the demand in the industry and the specific vessels requirements. Our products are considered to be one of the most personal HSE device in the maritime industry. The device is continuously monitoring each individual crew member and passenger from the day they join the vessel until they disembark. Our product monitors also the environment temperature & noise levels, and planning to implement various sensors for more advanced environment analyze e.g. air toxicity.

Our product is a personal HSE device, however, the whole system will be customized to fit the companies’ specific requirement in this respect.

The Wristband Solution


Our first hardware version of our patented solution, the EyeD1, is our smallest, most reliable and long-lasting battery life so far. There is no product that can match our size, performance and technical specification in a such small embodiment.

The EyeD1 is a combination of an elastomer material wristband and different technologies for connectivity, information and sensors. Specially focused to working environments.

Its capable of monitoring and register personnel with its latest Bluetooth 5 build in. Is capable to work as a key and as a payment device as well, with its NFC chip. All functionalities are configurable for the needs of the ship and/or industry.


Our patented technology is a combination of several chips that combined will give you accurate positioning, reliable sensor readings, and what is our main goal, be a user friendly and a life saver.

We combine different chips to work in unison to bring the best of their performance. Combining these chips and the fields around the ships/Vessels we can ensure complete coverage of people, monitoring and MOB detection in all situations.

Sensors and environment related information are communicated throughout our system for a complete and more accurate understanding of the situation, updating and sending all information to the screens installed on Bridge and/or other relevant areas.


One of our main focuses is battery life of our EyeD1. We are now proud after much R&D and testing, that we have reach the 6 month, none stop working wristband. This is a breaking through mark that gives us the usability for working environments.

On the offshore industry there are several types of rotations, giving the EyeD1 these 6 months of battery life a reach of more than a 1 year of working life span, avoiding the need of having to replace your personal EyeD Device.

Our batteries are specially manufactured to fit size and working environment requirements.

Pay and Key

EyeD1, our smallest and most reliable wristband focused for working environment and passengers ship. The EyeD1 can be configured and adapted to the needs of the vessel and their industry. Where in passenger ships & cruise ships the payment method and door key functions, is a very advantageous feature to have implemented in such small wristband embodiment. Our integrated NFC, Near Field Communication, gives the wristband the capabilities to function as a Credit Card for the users, and as a door key as well. The water proof embodiment will allow the users to wear it at all time with no worries, just enjoy your trip and enhance your experience onboard.

Not only it will monitor users for position during emergency situations, but it will be a part of their experience onboard with the connectivity features like Bluetooth, that will give a full connectivity to IoT, Internet of Things, that will take users/passengers to a whole new experience onboard cruise ships that are prepared for this technology, the future of sensing.

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