We combine first-hand experience at sea with cutting-edge technology

We combine first-hand experience at sea with cutting-edge technology

Data transfer system designated to prioritize safety and security

We believe our product advances the standards of maritime safety and security. Any company that is seriously committed to QHSSE (Quality, Health, Safety, Security & Environment) regulations will realize the benefits.

We have developed a product that exceeds the effectiveness of existing QHSSE tools and equipment being used on board vessels and offshore installations, by improving the supervision and monitoring of all on board personnel.

Reliable QHSSE solution for the challenging maritime environment

The maritime industry presents specific challenges to the protection of human safety and security. The remote location of vessels and offshore installations require their crew to be self-reliant and efficient, especially during emergency situations. The steel structure of a vessel or offshore installation creates interference, which compromises traditional safety monitoring systems.

We are committed to our innovative solution, which overcomes this issue. The system enables complete coverage of a vessel or offshore installation, achieving maximum safety and security to all personnel on board.

Meet our founders

Raised in maritime tradition, we turn our passion for technology into solutions designed for the steel environment on board vessels and offshore installations.

Ronny Bakke

Ronny Bakke

CEO & Co-founder

Ronny has an impressive background from the Seismic offshore industry as Chief Geophysical Technician, with over 12 years’ experience in the sector. His technical background was initially developed in Spain while studying as an Industrial Engineer for 4 years. His deep passion for technology, innovation, patenting, and true vision of IoT and wireless technologies, motivated him to create these cutting-edge solutions for the Maritime industry that will drastically enhance our QHSE world.

Audun Viktor Bakke

Audun Viktor Bakke

BOD & Co-Founder

Audun has over 50 years of experience in Maritime industries. He has been eagerly involved in business management, vessel management and as a captain for a variety of vessels, in particular, seismic vessels. Audun has extensive experience with ISM/IMCA audits and has been an active participant in developing safety management systems for Norwegian businesses. Alongside substantial involvement in the advancement of modern vessel design and new building projects internationally, he has a comprehensive list of contacts in several offshore Norwegian businesses.

Lars Johan Frigstad

Lars Johan Frigstad


Lars Johan Frigstad joined as Chairman of the Board of Dimeq in April 2018. He studied at the Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration in Economics, and has more than 20 years’ experience from the geophysical, offshore and oil and gas industry. He has been CFO of PGS Exploration, CEO of SCAN Geophysical (founded and listed NOK Bn company), CEO of MOORE Energy, and chairman of the chemical pharmaceutical company Soft-Ox Solutions. The latest one is listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange, Merkur Market. Lars Johan has an operational and active role in the company, with the main focus on management, financing and strategy.

Our history

Behind every successful maritime product, there is a lot of work, dedication, and cooperation in order to test the value of the solution. See the most important steps of our journey.



TechStars EPS Singapore

Dimeq was approached by the TechStars program to join them in the selection process, and we ended between the last 20 selected companies. Unfortunately, we did not make it between the 10 selected companies, however, we are in the 20 best companies for the maritime industry, that opens other opportunities inside the TechStars program around the world, and we have already been approached by them. Application in process.


Dimeq raised equity for NOKm 2,1

New sales agreement with Club Marine

Club marine brings into our organization Petter Pettersen and Ulf Lundvall, with broad network inside the maritime industry, and they will bring our product out to different markets like Fishing, offshore, cruise and shipyards. They have performed great in just one month with the new interest of customers and partners for our system.

PGS Pilot project START!

The final development process has started and will be ready for the market by October 2021.


Innovation Norway grants a loan Dimeq NOKm 2,4


Innovation Norway granted the innovation Contract with a total amount of NOK 3,8 million.


Additional testing of PLC technology carried out on board a PGS vessel.

The test was carried out on board the Ramform Victory while the vessel was moored alongside at Fjordbasen in Florø. The test was mainly to check and measure the data transfer speed using new data chips. The test confirmed that the system technology will be able to handle a huge number of users.


Management Team

Dimeq has spent a lot of time and effort to build a strong Management Team. We have managed to employ key personnel who are of vital importance to our company going forward. The CTO and R&D Manager has both PhD and MS in computer science with long experience in system development and project management. The Sales & Marketing Manager has long experience from the maritime industry with extensive international network and distribution expertise. Our Market & Regulation Analyst has special skills in production and sales of marine products and has more than 30 years of experience as founder and CEO of a maritime company. The HSE Manager of Dimeq is a Naval Architect with PHD in naval architecture and marine engineering.



Emission 2,3 & 4 completed with a total amount of NOK 5,9 million.


Board of Directors includes 5 members

Dimeq’s board consists of 5 members. We consider the composition of the board to be optimal. Two of the board directors are representing our major investors.


Dimeq’s Powerline Communication (PLC) successfully tested on board a PGS vessel

Technicians from Future Processing, including Dimeq’s CEO and COB, joined the PGS vessel Ramform Atlas during her port call at Las Palmas. The purpose of the visit to this vessel was to install and test the newly developed Powerline Communication System (PLC). With great assistance by the onboard electrician, we managed to carry out the test within the timeframe available (3 days). The tests met our expectation as it worked as planned. Dimeq considered this to be an important milestone for the project.


Dimeq become member of GCE Ocean Technology

GCE Ocean Technology is an industry-driven initiative within ocean technology with more than 120 partners and members. Dimeq consider their key strategic focus areas to be of great interest, in particular areas related to technology and digitalization. Being a GCE member will hopefully give us access to important information and events taking place in the global ocean industry market.

Dimeq received grants from Innovation Norway to cover pre-project cost

Dimeq forwarded an application to Innovation Norway hoping to get financial support for expenses related to the testing of the Powerline Communication (PLC) that was scheduled to be carried out on board the PGS vessel, Ramform Atlas. Dimeq received a significant amount from IN, including grants to cover mentor costs.


Dimeq’s first emission completed

The first emission of NOK 2 million was completed on the 31st of May. This was indeed a milestone for Dimeq and quite satisfactory as one of the major investors in this emission was Kongsberg Innovation.


Dimeq and Kongsberg Innovation signed a cooperation agreement

It became clear to Dimeq that it was of vital importance to find an industrial investor that was interested to invest and support the project going forward. After several meetings with Kongsberg Innovation, a cooperation agreement was signed. This was indeed an important milestone for Dimeq. Kongsberg Innovation is part of the Kongsberg Group, which has a lot of shipowners among their customers that could also be a potential customer for Dimeq.

Dimeq held a “Springbrett” presentation at Connect Investor Forum in Bergen

Among other companies, Dimeq was invited to give a presentation of their system at the Connect Investor Forum in Bergen. During this event, Dimeq won the price as the “most exciting company of 2019”.



Dimeq signed an agreement with the Knowledge Park in Ålesund (ÅKP)

The Knowledge Park in Ålesund is working on the same basis and principles as Aksello in Florø. Dimeq was invited to join as a member. We believed that joining ÅKP would extend the area where we could introduce our system to potential customers and investors significantly.


Dimeq was informed that “skattefunn” was granted

“Skattefunn” is a governmental rights-based grant arrangement to a Norwegian company to develop new or improved product, service or manufacturing process, which is beneficial for the company as well as their customers. The “skattefunn” provides up to 20% tax deductions on skattefunn-approved research and development activities. Dimeq prepared an application and sent it to the tax authorities, who approved the application and granted tax return for 2018 and onwards.


Dimeq received grants from Norges Sildesalslag

Norges Sildesalslag fund has been available for many years. The fund was established to give financial support to company and fishing vessel owners that were using their resources to improve the safety and working environment on board their fishing vessels. The Dimeq system falls well within these criteria’s. Dimeq, therefore, sent an application to NS for financial support, which was granted.


Dimeq system was successfully tested (proof of concept) onboard M/V Skulebas

On the 8th of June, the proof of concept test was carried out on board the K/V Skulebas. The hardware developer Future Processing and software developer Shipadmin were present and responsible to carry out the required tests and prepare documentation for the same. A representative from PGS (Captain Roger Honningdal) was also present during the tests. 40 pupils from the Nautical College in Måløy were equipped with the Dimeq wristband and their location on board the vessel was tracked in real-time on the monitor located on the bridge. The proof of concept test was a success, confirming that the Dimeq technology worked without any problem in a steel environment.


Dimeq’s first technology patent granted

Dimeq first national patent was granted in April 2018. This was indeed a milestone for the company and a result of creative and hard work in cooperation with our patent handler Acapo.

New Chairman of the Board joined Dimeq

The founders realized that it was important to start building the company’s organization in order to be able to make their daily work more professional and efficient. Lars Johan Frigstad was known to one of the founders from previous employment. He is a person with deep knowledge and experience from startup companies within the oil and gas industry. Dimeq was very pleased when he agreed to join the company as Chairman of the Board.



Dimeq signed an agreement with Aksello (Incubator)

Aksello is located in Florø and is a government-supported company established to assist and support startup companies. Dimeq became a member as an incubator company, which included access to their mentors.


Dimeq received grants from Sparebanken Vest

The SV bank is giving financial support to startup company several times a year. Dimeq applied for financial support to cover marketing issues, which was granted.


Dimeq received a signed Letter of Intent (LOI) from PGS

As result from the initial contact with PGS in January this year a Letter of Intent was signed. The LOI stated that PGS would purchase the Dimeq system and have it installed on board their vessels if the system worked as described in the presentation.

Dimeq received grants from Bremanger municipality

An application for financial support was prepared and sent to Bremanger municipality. They have a business found, which is made available to a startup company. Dimeq was lucky and received grants from this foundation.


Dimeq received establishment grants from Innovation Norway (IN)

Innovation Norway has supported the project since day one. Not only with financial support, but also with important information on how to proceed with a new startup company in order to be able to finalize the project.



First IPR application

The first patent was applied nationally for the system's activation and functionalities.


Dimeq AS established & registered

Both the founders have experience from the offshore industry and have been in situation where lack of personnel control during emergencies was obvious. They therefor decided to start a company with the focus to develop a technology that could monitor the personnel on board any vessel or offshore installation at any time. With the motto “no more lost lives at sea” they started to work on their ideas and prepared a framework for presentation to potential customer.

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